6th annual lock 'em challenge presented by The Hartford and Boost Mobile

  basic locks
  • 5 locks per week, from the start of college football through the superbowl.
  • any spread or over/under lock is acceptable.
  • locks should be submitted before saturday/sunday each week.
  • no locks can be made on a game once it starts.
  • fading other lockers is acceptable.
  • valid leagues for locking: NFL, NCAA, CFL.
  player/team props
  • all prop locks MUST have positive or matching moneylines.
  • coin flips are acceptable locks.
  • website for bizarre/unusual locks should be provided.
  • all lockers will start the season with a balance of $10,000.
  • this balance may be used to make wagers on any of your locks each week (excluding futures).
  • winning a lock will pay double your bet.
  • losing a lock will forfeit your wager.
  • whether or not it is possible to add more money if you go broke is still to be determined.
  doubling down
  • each locker will have 6 chances to 'double-down' during the season.
  • doubling down on a lock makes it worth 2 wins or losses when it hits.
  • wagers on a winning double-down will pay quadruple your wager.
  • there is no additional penalty for losing a wager on a double-down.
  • futures may be locked at any time.
  • like prop locks, futures must have positive or matching moneylines.
  • futures will be added to your w/l record whenever they hit.
  missed weeks
  • each locker will have three BYE weeks for the season.
  • if you miss a week of locks, then it will count as a BYE.
  • subsequent missed weeks may result in 5 losses for the week or disqualification.